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  • Thank you for everything you did for me!!!

    When I first started talking to Lawyers I was turned down so many times I was beginning to think I didn't have a case, till I called Mr. Wickes! He was on top of it, if I emailed, called or sent a text, he or Gretchen always answered right then. If I ever need a lawyer he's the one I will call.

  • The One to Call

    At first I was afraid to do this, but Mr. Wickes walked me all the way through this ordeal and it was OK. He is a great Lawyer, if you need help he is the one to call!

  • Personally Answers Your Calls

    Paul was great to deal with always answered my calls personally which I think is a big plus! Even when i seen no need to go on he just kept pushing till he finally showed them they were in the wrong he did a great job for me.

  • Knowledgeable and Persistence

    Paul was the most helpful with my bodily injury case. He took me through all the steps of fighting for my legal rights. AND I WON thanks to Paul's knowledge and persistence.

  • I will never forget everything you did for me!

    Before calling you, my friend called three other lawyers and they didn't even return her calls and when you did return the call, I wasn't sure I wanted to even go through with it because I was scared. But when you called me and talked to me as if you really cared, I knew everything would be alright. I knew that you do everything you could to make those people pay for what happened to me. I knew that I would tell your name to all my friends who needed help. It took two long years and four surgeries but we made it. I appreciate everything you and Gretchen did for me and will never forget it. You put $106,000 in my hands and I thank you for that very much. I'm in my second year of college to become a CPA and I think that had a lot to do with you too.

  • Paul Wickes is empathetic and understanding.

    After calling another office and telling my unfortunate dental experience to a staff member who then briefly consulted with the lawyer, I was refused as a client. When I called Paul Wickes' office, he answered the phone. He listened to my story which involved 9 months of dental care which left me with nerve damage and 7 misaligned crowns. All of this work had to be reconstructed. He took my case and the money I received helped cover the expense.

  • I can honestly say that Paul's integrity, professionalism and work ethic is beyond reproach.

    After consulting with several attorney's who would not take my case, Paul listened to my story and agreed that we in fact had been victimized. Paul took our case even though there were several hurdles to overcome. He worked hard and helped us receive a settlement. I am a 30+ year law enforcement officer and have worked with attorney's throughout my career. I can honestly say that Paul's integrity, professionalism and work ethic is beyond reproach.