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Cargo loading troubles may lead to lawsuits

On Behalf of | Jan 10, 2022 | Truck Accidents

Although a truck driver may operate a vehicle carefully, others may suffer harm due to negligence. A tractor-trailer driver could follow all the rules of the road, but someone may lose their life if something falls off the vehicle and strikes them. Other problems may arise from improperly loading commercial vehicles in Texas. Sadly, such accidents result from poor quality control or other negligent actions.

Negligence and truck cargo loads

Excessively loading a truck with too much cargo might make the safe handling of the oversized vehicle challenging. Anyone who reads the specs for a standard pickup truck will discover that the vehicle may carry or tow only so much weight. The same applies to oversized trucks, although they may carry or tow tens of thousands of pounds. The laws of physics eventually come into play when overloaded, and a vehicle may tip over or otherwise suffer a catastrophe.

Even when the truck carries an appropriate cargo weight, accidents may happen. Namely, the chances of a mishap increase when cargo is not secured correctly. Imagine lumber or other materials falling off a flatbed truck. Deaths could result from such disasters.

The troubles with loading

Truck accidents from cargo issues often happen when someone tries to cut corners. Rushing to get a semi-truck on the road might address concerns about on-time deliveries. However, allowing a truck with an uneven or excessive load to take to Texas streets and highways may reflect negligence. Considering the massive size of semi-trucks, such negligence may cause someone their life.

Expect a civil lawsuit to follow any deaths or injuries derived from negligence. Victims could pursue punitive and compensatory compensation from the driver, the driver’s employer, or third parties.