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Common factors that lead to trucking accidents

On Behalf of | Feb 16, 2022 | Truck Accidents

Truck accidents happen far too often in Texas. The highway system stays extremely active on a daily basis with big-rigs constantly in the mix of vehicles of which they are easily the largest on the road. Drivers often work extended hours with minimal breaks and inspection stops, which means they are typically the most exhausted drivers on the road as well. When this is added to certain hours of the day when traffic is most congested, the total scenario is such that 18-wheelers are regularly involved in many accidents for a variety reasons. But there are also some common factors present in most incidents.

Driver error

The most common factor in accidents involving big rigs is driver error. All truck drivers face situations where they must make quick decisions over the course of a full shift, and many times those driving decisions result in serious truck accidents.

Mechanical failure

Mechanical failure can also easily result in causing an accident. One of the most common events is a truck tire losing tread or a braking system failure of some type. Due to excessive weight and occasional cargo overloads, trucks have difficulty stopping in short distances. This is a constant hazard in congested traffic, and can cause multi-vehicle accidents quickly.

Improper loading

Another problem that is common in truck crashes is improper loading. Flatbeds commonly experience shifted loads when anchoring booms are improperly situated while loading, and box containers are regularly overloaded when shipping contractors fill containers for transit. This issue can also lead to vicarious liability claims in some cases.

These are just three of the primary reasons that truck accidents happen. When these are coupled with regular driver fatigue, unraveling what actually happened in an accident often requires in-depth investigation by professionals to find the ultimate cause.