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At-fault accidents and their consequences

On Behalf of | Apr 15, 2022 | Car Accidents

A vehicle collision could leave someone facing a long recovery time for injuries. Medical bills and lost wages might make a proverbial bad situation far worse. If another party caused the accident, that person or persons might be legally at fault for the collision. Anyone liable for someone else’s suffering or losses could face a civil suit in a Texas civil court.

Motor vehicle collisions and fault

Fault refers to actions someone did or didn’t take, resulting in negligence. Someone who takes to the road while under the influence of marijuana disregards others’ safety. If an impaired driver causes an accident, expect the driver to face liability claims.

Drivers who fail to replace clearly dry-rotted tires may cause a crash if a tire suffers a blowout at high speeds. A court could consider an owner’s lack of care to be negligence, making the owner responsible for any inflicted harm.

Several other all-too-common reasons exist for car accidents. Drunk driving ranks as a frequent cause of fatal accidents. Speeding contributes to crashes on roads throughout the United States, and so do aggressive behaviors such as cutting people off or tailgating. Weaving through lanes reflects a dangerous behavior that impatient drivers often display.

Legal actions after at-fault accidents

A successful negligence claim requires the plaintiff to have experienced a loss. Physical injuries, property damage, and even emotional distress could reflect losses. The plaintiff would need to provide sufficient evidence to back up the claims, such as medical records, police reports, and witness statements. Some accident investigations may reveal substantial evidence of fault.

A lawsuit could help the victim recover losses from all liable parties. And yes, there might be several defendants with varying degrees of liability.