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Protecting yourself when the other driver flees

On Behalf of | Sep 7, 2022 | Car Accidents, Personal Injury

If you’re involved in a car accident on Texas roadways, each party involved typically stops to exchange information or to get help for any injuries. Unfortunately, there are situations that involve the other driver fleeing from the scene. Here are a few things that you can do if this happens to you so that you’re protected.

Emergency help

If you’re able to do so, call 911 so that emergency responders can be dispatched to the scene. Sometimes, other people in the area might call before you’re able to, especially if you’re injured or you lose your phone during the accident. One detail to keep in mind about car accidents is that you don’t want to offer any kind of direct theory about what happened. This is something that police officers can investigate. They can also gather information about the other vehicle so that a search can begin for the other driver.

Medical help

Even if you don’t think that you’re injured, it’s a good idea to still get medical attention after an accident. Keep any documents that are provided by the hospital or by your primary care doctor so that they can be turned in to the court if you plan to seek any kind of compensation.


Any witnesses to the accident could be beneficial in helping officers find the driver who fled the scene. If they don’t want to talk to you, they can make a report to the officer at the scene or to the local courthouse so that the details are provided anonymously.

After an accident with a driver who chooses to flee the scene, there are steps to take that can be beneficial in getting most types of compensation and to protect yourself.