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Distracted driving notes

On Behalf of | Dec 13, 2022 | Car Accidents

Even the most careful drivers could become momentarily distracted and cause an accident. Some Texas drivers may recklessly embrace numerous distracting behaviors, making their commutes risky. If someone does not pay careful attention behind the wheel, the chances of a collision increase. Data suggests many distracted drivers cause many accidents each year.

Distracted driving data

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) tracks and documents data related to accidents and notes that 20% of all driving-related injuries derive from distracted driving. Some of those injuries result in fatalities. In 2019, 9% of all fatal crashes involved distracted driving.

Drivers may be wise to cease any behaviors that affect concentration while driving. Even listening to the news could divert attention away from safe driving. The dangers may increase when looking away from the road or taking your hands off the wheel. So, talking to a passenger or fixing one’s hair could be risker than many drivers assume.

Defensive drivers might find it advisable to be alert to distracted drivers. If they see another driver looking down or carrying on a conversation, it may be time to be further cautious. Distracted drivers might operate their vehicles erratically, as evidenced by drifting out of a lane or stopping at the last minute. Sometimes, these behaviors result in collisions.

Legal claims

Distracted drivers could be held liable for any accidents they cause. Someone who texts while driving likely does not display a duty of care toward others on the road. Many fatal incidents of drivers hitting pedestrians result from a driver texting and not looking at the road. Texting while driving is one example of distracted driving-related car accidents. There are numerous others.

Persons found liable for a distracted driving accident may face a civil judgment. In wrongful death cases, the amount could be substantial.