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The dangers of truck driver fatigue in Texas

On Behalf of | Feb 28, 2023 | Truck Accidents

Some truck accidents in Texas are attributed to truck driver fatigue. Truck drivers are legally allowed to drive for 11 hours straight after they’ve had at least 10 hours straight of non-driving time. But even when truckers adhere to this rule, driving without a break can cause fatigue. Below are some common dangers caused by truck driver fatigue.

Slow reflexes

Driving a truck requires good reflexes. Fast reflexes make it possible to avoid accidents and other hazards. For example, a fatigued truck driver might find it difficult to avoid an obstacle on the road or to self-correct following a tire blowout.

Lack of attention

Fatigued truck drivers have a difficult time paying attention to their surroundings. It can feel like driving while you’re in a daze or a dream-like state. And driving in a daze makes it impossible to remain fully aware of what’s happening.

Truck drivers in this situation are less likely to realize a situation is dangerous. Some truck drivers might fail to notice a car stalled in the middle of the road. Or they might fail to notice changing traffic lights or stop signs.

Reduced mental capacity

Fatigued truck drivers are often unable to make sound decisions while under pressure. They might have trouble maintaining safe speeds or knowing how to respond to an upcoming traffic light. The inability to make judgment calls and quick decisions can cause devastating car and truck accidents.

The aftermath of truck driver fatigue

Driving while fatigued can lead to injuries or fatal accidents. Truck drivers are at risk, and everyone on the road is in danger. Fewer accidents will occur when drivers avoid driving while fatigued.