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Cargo loading and truck accidents

On Behalf of | May 8, 2023 | Truck Accidents

Driving a tractor-trailer requires skill and a commitment to safety. However, reckless driving is not the only reason for commercial truck crashes in Texas. Sometimes, the way that workers load cargo onto the truck might contribute to dangerous problems on the road. Accidents deriving from improper cargo loading may result in injuries and subsequent civil litigation.

Cargo loading dangers

Loading cargo requires workers to follow established safety steps, such as securing the cargo in place, putting the heaviest cargo in appropriate locations, distributing weight evenly and more. When cargo is not loaded correctly, a truck driver might have a harder time controlling the vehicle. Loose cargo may fly out and hit a pedestrian or another vehicle with open-bed trucks. Fatal injuries could result when an object strikes someone.

When cargo shifts in closed trailers, it can cause a range of problems. For example, a tractor-trailer may jackknife, which can lead to a severe multi-car crash. Other issues could arise when the vehicle makes a turn or goes up and down hills.

Another point to address when loading cargo onto a truck involves staying within the maximum weight capacity. Overloading a truck might undermine a truck’s braking ability, which could cause otherwise avoidable truck accidents.

Negligence and truck crashes

Negligence from overloading could take many forms. Driving a truck with too much weight may lead to a tire blowout or mechanical problems that lead to collisions. Anyone who ignored the dangers of the heavy load or risky mechanical issues may face a liability claim. Drivers, their employers, cargo loaders and their employers, mechanics and others may face a liability claim.

Liability insurance may cover a victim’s losses for bodily harm and property damage. Victims might sue above the policy limits in some instances.