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Not all car accidents are identical

On Behalf of | Oct 29, 2023 | Car Accidents

The term car accident is relatively nondescript. A single-sedan accident involving a driver damaging their car slightly would not be as severe as a multi-car pile-up on a Texas road involving tractor-trailers and other vehicles. Any motor vehicle collision may result in one or more parties suffering severe harm. Defensive driving skills might help someone avoid a collision. Understanding the different types of accidents could support such a cause.

Different forms of motor vehicle collisions

Most drivers are likely familiar with the different types of vehicle collisions, although they might only sometimes understand when they are at greater risk for them. Complacency could affect the situation, as someone stopped at a red light or stop sign may not think about the dangers of a rear-end collision. Yet, they are vulnerable when stopped.

Worries about a head-on collision might increase when driving on a single-lane highway. However, head-on collisions could happen in parking lots and other environments. The same may be true of sideswipe and lateral collisions.

Additional collisions and worries

Two other types of car accidents someone may experience are spin-out/rotational accidents and rollovers. Both may result when hit by another vehicle. Still, someone’s reckless driving may result in suffering a self-inflicted rollover accident. Drivers involved in rollover accidents could hurt themselves, their passengers, and anyone their vehicle hits. Civil litigation may follow.

A central question in a personal injury lawsuit will focus on who was negligent. A reckless driver whose moving violations contributed to an accident may be responsible for a victim’s injuries and property damage. Awards for punitive damages may be possible in certain situations, such as when someone suffers a catastrophic injury because of a driver’s flagrant recklessness.