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Data shows newer carriers are involved in more crashes

On Behalf of | Nov 29, 2023 | Personal Injury, Truck Accidents

Collisions involving semi trucks may result in victims suffering life-threatening injuries. When a massive vehicle crashes into a smaller one on a Texas road, the disparate impact might not bode well for the person in the smaller car. Concerns about why such accidents happen may lead some to research whether there are any common threads. Reports suggest that new carriers entering the industry may present additional risks.

New carriers and truck crashes

Government reports show new carriers entering the market contributed to many truck and bus collisions. Data shows that new carrier entrants accounted for 1.3% of all crashes. In 2021, those 2018 new entrants accounted for 3.5% of crashes. The number of new carriers entering the market and registering their enterprises has increased significantly. The monthly figures alone reflect incredible growth.

The arrival of new carriers in the market means there could be more drivers and possibly inexperienced new hires on the road. Regardless of whether the driver or the company is new to trucking transport, all parties must follow traffic safety rules to avoid accidents. Trucking professionals must also adhere to industry regulations.

Rules and liabilities

Under federal and state regulations, drivers cannot spend more than a certain number of consecutive hours behind the wheel. These rules seek to address issues with driver fatigue, which might contribute to truck accidents. Drivers and trucking companies that do not follow the rules put others at risk and could leave themselves open to liability claims.

Trucking companies must also ensure that vehicles in their fleet are in good condition. Allowing a truck with mechanical problems to operate might be negligent behavior. The same logic may apply to companies that do not discipline a truck driver who has frequently broken safety rules.