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How to reduce pedestrian fatalities when making right turns

On Behalf of | Nov 13, 2023 | Car Accidents, Wrongful Death

Auto accidents involving pedestrians can lead to tragic results. Victims hit by a car while crossing a street may suffer fatal injuries. Even if the injuries do not result in death, the victim might experience catastrophic, life-altering injuries. Some municipalities are considering making changes to traffic laws to reduce potential accidents. Instituting specific laws regarding right-hand turns might reduce Texas fatalities, but no change to the law will stop reckless driving.

Right-hand turns at intersections

Unless signs post otherwise, making a right-hand turn on red is usually legal. The driver must come to a complete stop before turning, and turns are legal when the coast is clear. Passengers will have the right way at the green light to cross. If everyone follows the rules, making a right turn on red might not be hazardous. However, not everyone comes to a complete stop or look before making the turn. In such situations, accidents may happen.

Some authorities suggest banning right-hand turns on red can alleviate the problem. In truth, if the number of people turning on red decreases dramatically, so will the chances of an accident. After all, the car won’t be turning and putting pedestrians and bicyclists at risk. Of course, this only refers to drivers who follow the law.

Reckless turns on red

Reckless driving and traffic violations may lead to a pedestrian or bicyclist’s wrongful death. And yes, reckless actions might combine with a right turn that inflicts harm. Driving while intoxicated, speeding or texting while driving may all precede a fatal right turn on red.

Drivers who cause someone’s needless death or catastrophic injury may face a substantial personal injury lawsuit. The victims can sue above auto insurance policy limits or seek punitive damages.