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Assisting Neck, Back And Spinal Injury Victims In Getting The Compensation They Need

An injury to the neck, back or spine is one of the most serious complications a person can have after an accident. Some of these injuries may be immediately apparent after an accident, while others slowly worsen over time. Because of the multitude of complex issues that may arise from these injuries, it is critical that accident victims have an experienced legal advocate by their side.

At Wickes Law, PLLC, our knowledgeable attorney, Paul Wickes, has spent his career fighting for severely injured Texans. As your legal representation, he will thoroughly investigate the nature of your claims and the cost of medical recovery to calculate the maximum compensation. He then will fight to hold the negligent party and their insurance provider accountable with the facts at hand. You can schedule your free consultation now by calling our Plano office at 972-600-2416.

The Sinister Nature Of Neck, Back And Spinal Injuries

Neck, back and spinal injuries are devastating to victims of negligence because of how broad the consequences may be. These injuries can cause lifelong and debilitating complications that affect a person’s ability to move and work. Additionally, many people with this damage may never fully recover to the level of health they were at before the accident.

We work closely with experienced medical professionals and subject matter experts to ensure that your injuries are correctly diagnosed and documented. Based on this assessment and the case facts, we will then work to hold the negligent parties and insurance providers accountable. Our lawyer has obtained millions of dollars in compensation for injured people throughout his decadeslong career.

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